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Even during repair and regular maintenance, business must go on, patients must have access to care, economic institutions should be involved in the trade and dispersal of stock and money. Power down is time lost, broken appointments, money divested, and quite possibly, lives lost as a result of missed or late diagnosis.

Sarel Electronics' specialty is uninterruptible power electronics,we design (OEM), procure, install and service seamless transfer switches, uninterruptible power supplies, uninterferring maintenance bypass switches and various ups battery appliances. Because we are Electronics Engineers we can work in a variety of industries, and can provide unique retrofit solutions. See our clients section for a sampling of the types of clients that have entrusted us.

Products by Sarel Electronics Span from customized parts to full components to fully installed electronic and computer solutions.

For over a decade, Sarel's main product line consisted of high power UPS's and switches. Today, in addition to providing this, we can provide custom software, component monitoring via network, and instant alarms to technicians on shutdown of systems.



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Portable Battery Cell/Recovery Analyzer Tester

Mimic Panel + Control Panel

Maintenance Bypass / Isolation Switch (mbp)

Sarel is a design house, we are customization and retrofit specialists. If you have something that needs doing and is not mentioned on this site, consult us and we will promptly inform you if it is feasible for our company.

Why Sarel ?

  1. Because we are leader's in our field. It is no accident that major banks and stock exchange came to us when they needed UPS's to insure an "always-on economy"
  2. Because world class hospitals trust us to keep their million dollar scanning machinery running consistently throughout brown and black outs, protected from the cumulative effects of power spikes and lows. Hospital budgets are tight and demand high, simple shutdowns can mean the difference between life and death for critical patients. Protected electronic systems allow uninterrupted operation. Sarel provides this uninterruptible functionality and protection.
  3. Major metropolitan Stock Exchanges, like hospitals (see #2), require always-on operation. The Toronto Stock Exchange employs Sarel Electronics for its quality products and services. The global economy of today does not pause for power failures or UPS maintenance or repair, our switches, transfer components and swift response is key to a "powered up" economy.
  4. We are a one stop solution for uninterruptible, uninterferred load powering. Make Before Break, Break Before Make.
  5. Our reliability and proven results have insured our growth and expanding worldwide contacts via word-of-mouth.
  6. We have WORLD-WIDE experience






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