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Affiliates and major Standards orgs

Transfer Switches: Tutorials, Explanations, Analysis, & Comparison

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Affiliates and Major StanAdards orgs.

A Power Management and Responsible Protection Group Sarel Electronics proudly belongs to.
iso 9000 iso 9002 csa ups uts standard organization open standard quality management Standards Organization - the framers of standards adopted by the world, including ISO 9000,9001,9002 quality standards.
ieee, engineer, engineering,ups,uts,uninterruptible power supply, mimic panel Engineering Standards and Professional Organization. Necessity for the immersed engineer.
AUTOMATED ORIGINALITY HOSTING. 400MB, PHP, mySQL and subdomains come standard. Amazing prices and performance. Unbelievable control panel and statistic logging for free. Unbeatable in our opinion.


Transfer Switches: Tutorials, Explanations, Analysis, & Comparison


"Single Phase and 3 Phase Automatic Transfer Switches ( ATS ), Custom Enclosures for Switches." NOTE: SSTTS@Sarel can be added to similar ATS systems to create an uninterruptible critical switching solution:(Solid State Transition Transfer Switch, for the most stringent and demanding always-on scenarios, contact us for information)


"...The Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 and the Automatic Transfer Switch Standard CSA C22.2 No. 178, do NOT permit the use of closed transition devices... Approval [is needed from] the [governing] utility ... to connect a Closed Transition Transfer Switch (CTTS) to its network. An alternative is to use a Solid State Transition Transfer Switch (SSTTS). The SSTTS does not physically interconnect utility and emergency power sources and is actually a 'load uninterrupted' device, switching in less than 1/2 cycle...providing transfer without any apparent interruption"
Finding Surplus Electric Power in Traditional sources
Discusses SSTTS and other transfer switching)

by Dennis Pybushttp (http://www.electricity-today.com/et/issue0501/i05_surplus.htm)


Hardware, Software and Software Related Services

IT Part Shopper A single source for locating vendors of amd shopping for hard-to-find information technology (IT) parts. Excellent for replacement parts, discontinued items and economical puchases.

International Software Associates
Offer Fixed Price MSI Application Packaging


Documentation and Engineering Communication Services


Text Engineer - Disciplined technology communications, global experience. Veteran corporate and technical writers in software, electronics, process control. Documentation quality experts..


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