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Sarel Electronics Ltd. provides a single source for design, procurement, evaluation and analytical services in the power management, transfer switch, static transfer switch (sts, ats, uts, mbp), uninterruptible power supply (ups), backup power supply, data and web services and design market.

All phases (single, three phase, multi), demands, industries. Uninterrupted stability - always-on operation.

Do your requirements match those of our typical clients?

These include designers, consultants, specifiers, owners and power management professionals working with Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS ) systems, Automatic Transfer Switch( ATS), Static Transfer Switch ( STS ), and Bypass Switch / Bypass Isolation Switch.

Sarel can provide Open Transition static transfer (less than 4 millisecond for switch, no interruption to load) without the issues and regulations of Closed Transition and without the thermal issues caused by other static switching technologies. The Sarel Electronics Solid State Transition Transfer Switch Solid State Transition Transfer Switch ( SSTTS ) provides a Break-Before-Make (Open Transition) solution for all environments and power needs. Ideal for uninterrupted transfer, seamless maintenance bypass for load testing of uninterruptible systems, peak load shedding and less overall wear and tear on UPS batteries.

Our clients rely on our diverse capabilities

  • Power Electronics Engineering: Static Transfer Switch, Static State Transition Transfer Switch, Uninterruptible Transfer Switches (UTS), Maintenance Bypass Switches, classic Automatic Transfer Switches (ats) required for always-on operation. (Manual, Automatic and more)
  • Superior Switching Solutions:. We are switch specialists and can provide source switching in a fraction of a cycle. Various industries cannot afford even momentary loss of consistent current (a consistent, unbroken sine wave) even during maintenance, repair and/or moving of a power source (beit generator, battery array etc.). These include essential medical, data center, telecommunication, process, critical security system, marine and others operating uninterruptible mission critical loads. Sarel has a solution superior to classic Static Transfer Switches (STS), the affordable Solid State Transfer Transition Switch (SSTTS).
  • All Configurations: Ability to work in single-phase, three-phase (tri phase), and multiphase (more than 3). All UPS types. All business and industry environments.
  • UPS and Transfer Switch components and services including ups battery upgrade, repair, charge; power electronics services and repairs. A full solution house for the uninterruptible power electronics field. Uninterrupted stable sine waves and always-on operation is our specialty.
  • Consultation by a seasoned professional engineer who has worked with various systems used to secure million dollars worth of electronics.
  • Power Electronics Software for monitoring and controlling remotely and/or instant notifying technicians of an emergency
  • Web page design and Web Services. Whether to build upon the power electronics infrastructure (reporting etc.) or simply to provide a marketable web presence, we can assist you. Web Development is done by Automated Originality (a subsidiary of Sarel), and your business or organization need not be power or electronics related.
  • Documentation translation from engineering jargon to terms a laymen can comprehend and thus make a more informed decision (a big bonus for companies or individuals who have to make a decision and/or sign a contract and/or implement a maintenance protocol for their equipment without the luxury of a full time electrical engineer to consult).
  • UPS battery and battery cell tester, conditioners, and battery impedence testing
  • Mimic Panel + Control Panels that are clear and provide both status and functionality. We provide operator controls for all industries and can retrofit to your dimensions, power outputs and materials.
  • Much more. If it involves power electronics, engineering issues, software, web development, or documentation, please consult us first.

Ours is a niche market, and we take pride in providing complete and often unique solutions in determining and providing new or retrofit equipment packages that provide the best power path and maximum redundancy of source power availability to the critical load. A sampling of our recent projects may be helpful in determining if we can assist you with your needs and applications

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