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Over a Decade Ago

Sarel Electronics was founded in response to one gifted engineers frustration with the state of power electronics. Shutdowns, interruptions, and lengthy system interruptions made the power infrastructure a major hurdle to consistent business in all industries.

Businesses need to concentrate on their primary mission in order to succeed. For this, the electronics infrastructure that drives the business needs to be hassle-free; the transparent, uninterruptible tools of the client company's stated goals


Complex Electronics


Sarel has met its goal of allowing companies to concentrate on their business rather than the technologies that allow work. Sarel Electronics is known worldwide as a designer of ultra-reliable UPS, Static / Solid State ("Uninterruptible") Transfer Switches (STS, SSTTS) and various custom mission critical load power solutions. Sarel Electronics has worked extensively with all type configurations and brands of UPS, transfer technology, generator and other tools of the power management system. We have contacts within major companies to ensure we are always informed and have access to both the latest information and a direct source for the (sometimes hard to source) components that are often necessary in the ongoing maintenance of a multi-unit power system. We recently added a software department, giving us the ability to develop hybrid systems of low-level electronics and high-level computer interface and communication.

Sarel, a brief biography

Sarel Electronics is enthusiast run. We do what we do because of our enthusiasm for the technology as a whole. We work with all sorts of companies, from small businesses seeking to computerize to Fortune 500 companies seeking electronics to protect their million dollar storage arrays and processor farms. See a small sampling of our larger clients.

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