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Problem Isolation, Performance Evaluation, System Analysis and Repair

  • Service, Repair and Install uninterruptible power system components: We can service and/or assess those components that cannot be shut down (essential business or medical load) for we are "always on" specialists. We conduct on-line system operation analysis, testing, problem diagnosis and repair. As experienced engineers with the ability to assess a situation, we can provide a number of possible solutions and provide the customer with the information the gauge the verall affect on both short-term and long-term operation.
  • We work with ALL UPS Types: Powerware, Piller, APC, Best Power, Moeller, MGE and others.
  • We work with all types of Transfer Switches: automatic transfer switch ( ats ), static transfer switch (sts), maintenance bypass switch (mbp),maintenance bypass isolation switch
  • Not an urgent repair? Want to save some money? Send the component to us by mail and we will assess and repair it in our office. (Including upgrade of old capacitor banks, batteries etc.)
  • Provide on-site UPS systems maintenance and repair service. We can easily comission a system modification and arrange for a field install and commission system modifications, expansions.
  • On-site consultation for in-house maintenance plans, long-term planning, and power related disaster consolidation and prevention including Single Point Analysis.
  • On site system evaluation and documentation including reliability testing, concept proofing etc.
  • System failure evaluation including Single Point Failure Analysis. Figuring out the sum of the problem, then identifying and resolving the root factor to this. We can usually fix the circuit after we have identified the failure point (no need for a consultant and seperate repair shop).
  • Provide "prevention protocol", recommendations for system service, modification, upgrades that extend component life and reliability..


On-site "Field" Troubleshooting and Resolution Services. Failure Analysis and Recommended Cure

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