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Custom Equipment Sourcing, Retrofit Design

Sarel Electronics can fix UPS and other electronics components right in if's lab. If the part is highly outdated and beyond our expertise then we have a network of specialists whom we keep in close contact with.

Sarel Electronics head engineer has contacts within several power electronics, specifically UPS companies. We can get you replacements and upgrades and ship to location of your choice. WE HAPPILY DROP SHIP, IF YOU SELL IT WE CAN SEND IT TO YOUR CLIENT WITH YOUR COMPANY NAME. Piller, Powerware, MGE, and several more - parts, sets, circuits let us source it for you, we would happily discuss any drop-shipping needs and requests.

We happily design "modules" for easier installation and maintenance. Components geographically, functionally, and otherwise connected can be combined in a modular PCB circuit. Modules make maintenance and repair fast as you can quickly remove a series of parts (mounted to PCB) and work on them under good lighting and on a proper work surface. Debugging ease also benefits. An additional bonus of mounted wiring junctions and "sub-circuits" comes when components of similar and simultaneous life-cycles are combined on a removal PC Board. Component replacement events and ensuing cost, probability of operator installation errors and resulting down-times are greatly reduced. We can also provide convenient test and control points in a centralized "Test area" on the board.

Sarel Electronics can acquire and ship most components or circuit utilized in the UPS and transfer switch industry. If any existing component or components are experiencing failure "before their time" Sarel can investigate (see our troubleshooting service).to determine if an upgrade to the component is in order. Sarel can then order and install the component to customer specification.

Sarel will upgrade specific components or circuitry

We are retrofit specialists- whether you need customized Enclosures; Capacitor, cell, or battery banks; Interfaces for relays; Gate Drives; Logic boards; + much more -- Sarel is a complete solution provider.


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Custom Capacitor Banks for an Uninterruptible Power System


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