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Document Preparation and Review

Better communication between engineer and business manager is a major gap to efficient work in modern companies and corporation. Communication@Sarel is an initiative to communicate engineering issues to the business layman, and communicating business logic to an engineering team. We can provide written documentation, manuals and worksheets as well as provide audio-visual presentations and presentation materials.

  • Technical Data Translation: Technical data, contracts or manuals and translated into terms a non engineer can understand (or vice-versa)
  • Technical Contract Consultation: We can consult on and/or translate technical data and/or a technical portion of a contract for non-engineers, providing our opinions on whether an appraisal of a situation and/or it's resolution is an appropriate and realistic assessment (aka second opinion appraisal of engineering situation).
  • Manuals, Documentation, Technical Writer: We can provide concise documentation for your in-house developed hardware, custom modifications, retrofit components, or other devices that need to be communicated to a specific audience.
  • Presentations: We also have the capability of developing colorful modern audio-visual (Powerpoint, Flash, Static and animated, mixed media, handouts, supplementary notes, take-home pamphlets and informational folders) presentations for use as :
    1. teaching aids for technicians/repair-men
    2. marketing aids for a technical and/or laymen audience
  • Written specifications to improve existing methodology and fabrication: including implementation and regular maintenance protocols to extend system life, prevent downtime, and speed up troubleshooting.
  • Recommend concept and equipment alternatives to existing or proposed systems: As seasoned engineers, we can review technical specs and technical contracts. This service should be of particular interest to the laymen or any company without the expertise of a seasoned engineer; one who has experienced the breakdowns and hidden costs involved in the long-time operation of power electronics systems.
  • g, comment and evaluation services provided.

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Contracting a Sarel Engineer allows you to concentrate on your business as a whole rather than fiddling with the parts that allow for core tasks. Your concern should be the sum, not the individual parts.


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