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Mimic Panels, Interface Boards, Device Face, Control Panels

  • We are not limited to static status panels but do control panels, interface boards, status/control panels, operator control panels, and control with integrated key-lock for safe control of large enclosed systems (operate enclosure electronics without opening)
  • Mimic Panels, Interface Boards for all industries, a sampling of some of our work is shown on this page. As mimic panels are a scale model of a system, device and or geographical area, a sampling of the work is more a measure of workmanship than any words, this is why we proudly display our work to the world .
  • Our engineer is an electronics specialist and thus can retrofit and customize panels to all sorts of sizes, phase, interface and electrical types. If you need it, contact us first. We do panels for ups, uts, various switch types, maintenance bypass switches and controls, industrial systems, security systems and more.
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Powerflow panel, for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (ups)

Clear, unclattered mimic panel, bright LED. Designed for efficient functionality, and coexistence within existing power structure

Industrial Electronics. Input (button, lever, key switch) and Output (bright led).

Below are various industry grade panels. Note fitting into high "electrical hazard" cabinet (orange), lock was integrated into the panel to keep workers safe and provide intuitive access to machinery
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