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Sarel Electronics Ltd. Cell Recovery Analyzer (CRA)

"Since Datasphere and CSI [began] using the CRA for impedance checking online, battery failures dropped 80%" - Peter Rand

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The CRA is a portable, multi-purpose instrument that is indispensable for the ongoing preventative maintenance of battery systems used in UPS, telecommunications, data-center and other applications. Can be used with: Wet & Dry Cell/Chargeable & Non Rechargeable

The instrument is plugged into a standard 120V (220V available), 1 phase outlet and performs as an AC or DC constant current source depending upon the setting of a selector switch. It has both a cell equalizer mode and an impedence testing mode.

The unit comes in a "briefcase" type housing, and has a large zipper pocket for added portability by technicians. The pocket on the unit is used to carry the cables used with this device and can house any other equipment the technician carries for the service call.



  1. Checking the condition, reliability, load cabability, internal impedance of batteries.
  2. Equalization of a battery or a string of batteries
  3. Charging of batteries
  4. Low DC Voltage Testing. Allows testing of components using a low voltage thereby eliminating the risk of failure prior to applying normal (higher) DC Voltage.


  • Power requirements - 120V AC, 60Hz 5A Max.
    (available in 220V, email for info)
  • Output voltage for DC Operation - 24V DC or 12V DC
  • Current limit - 7.5A at 24V DC / 15A at 12V DC
    Output current - in AC mode 10A AC at 12V AC / 20A AC at 6VAC
  • Maximum DC voltage to be connected to the output leads 65V DC.


  • Portable Design
  • Totally isolated from input line
  • Selection switch for mode of operation “DC” Cell Equalizer / “AC” Cell Impedance Tester
  • Selection switch for current range
  • Ammeter for “AC” and “DC” current measurement
  • Flashing LED indicating voltage present
  • Output breaker for “DC” current source protection against reverse polarity
  • Color coded leads [Red positive/Black negative] suitable for any size battery
  • Can be used to measure on-line battery

Cell Equalizer Mode
• Dc current source design
• Selection switch for max current value: 15A DC for 12V DC / 7.5A DC for 24V DC
• Charges single or multiple cells
• Protected against reversed polarity

Impedance Tester Mode
• Ac current source design
• Selection switch for current value: 10A AC for 12V AC / 20A AC for 6V AC
• Maximum dc voltage of cells under test 65V DC
• Can be used on single or multiple cells

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