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Sarel was started about a decade ago by an electronics engineer fed up with the inefficiencies and deficiciencies he saw in the marketplace.

A life-long employee used to promotions and an ever growing team of workers he wanted to go back to what he loved and could trully excel in, research and design.

Sarel Electronics started but with a handful of loyal clients who remembered Mr. Yitzhaky from his days as an employee and wanted to maintain his expertise and through word of mouth, grew to include some of the world's most demanding corporations. Sarel is a results oriented company. With no advertising and a non-existent marketing team it depended and still depends upon its performance to ensure the next project.

Today Sarel deals with a myriad of projects ranging from "Single Point Failure Analysis" to designing custom "Uninterruptible Transfer Switches" and "Mimic Panels" and almost every UPS customization and service one can throw our way.

As we grow we welcome new projects and opportunities and now have the capability of tackling software and web/network projects.

We are eagre to meet new customers and to establish new contacts within every branch of business. In today's data-dependent world, reliable electronics, hardware and software monitoring and an overall steadfast infrastructure are the essentials. Whether in finance, industrial development, or pure information technology, this need remains the same.

Let Sarel be your partner in all of your technological needs. With engineering (hardware) and software capabilties there is little we cannot do together.

Sarel Electronics


fax: 905-764-5707

We work internationally.

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