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We run Piller UPSes and also have MGE systems on-site. Our technicians are not UPS experts nor are they engineers. Can Sarel Electronics help our technicians pick the best parts, suggest items they will probably need in the future, and then source and ship these parts to them?

Yes! Sarel has contacts within various UPS and misc. power electronics companies. Our head engineer is a veteran of the power electronics scene and as such can aid others in anticipating issues and suggesting replacement parts that are best pre-ordered and kept on-site to minimize the risk of extended down-time. We are consults that can source your items, ship them to any locations and even install and maintain your units. We also drop-ship, so we can ship items to a third party with your company's name on the package!

We are a medical establishment receiving state of the art PET / MRI machinery, can your systems protect such valuable equipment?

YES! It can and it is. A major Toronto hospital is utilizing one of our solutions to protect such a system (reference available upon request). We protect the state-of-the-art of various industries including the ultra-demanding medical, banking, insurance and major casino sector. (See a sampling of our major clientele)

We suffered greatly as a result of the North American East Coast (Toronto, Ohio, New York and beyond) blackout, can Sarel Electronics aid us in preventing and/or better dealing with such disasters?

Sarel Electronics was very active on the days of the blackout. All of our systems functioned smoothly and those customers with adequate backup power conducted business glitch free. Nevertheless, we learn from every experience and have developed means of measuring battery life span (based on real-time load) and means of extending precious backup power in critical times.

We mention this because even though our switchgear functioned automatically and with seamles precision and synchronization of primary and backup power (all of our clients were elated by this), many clients failed to prepare for any major failure over two hours. A common theme we heard over and over was of UPS' and switches working perfectly but system failure occuring due to neglected batteries and/or insufficient generator fuel or generator power output. We recommend, like we have always recommended for clients to always have a "doomsday" plan. In today's unpredictable world, backup power should be sufficient to either conduct a safe and complete shutdown or, if the situation warrrants it, a backup power source capable of 24-48 hours of operation.

We are a small business with some electrical experience, can Sarel provide power electronics services and/or provide us with a maintenance protocol?

Though we would rather conduct services on equipment we are familiar with we can provide a proven maintenance protocol to companies who we feel can correctly follow our detailed protocol. We strongly recommend allowing our team conduct regular maintenance and do guarantee any repairs that are required due to in-house maintenance.

We want to integrate wireless solutions into our product or component, we want to explore handheld devices like the PalmPilot and PocketPC handhelds (ie Ipaq, Jornada), can Sarel help us in this department?

Automated Originality Computer Services, Sarel's software and web solution partner has the knowledge required to work with both wireless and handheld technologies. Programming for the Palm devices and PocketPC handheld's, as well as working these devices into the server or desktop infrastructure is a demand we would like to serve. We would also love to explore any original or new ideas you may have.

I have an idea related to electronics and software but I am not an engineer/programmer and/or it is not feasible for me to develop "in-house", can Sarel help me?

YES! Sarel Electronics is a design house!

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